I really like drawing.  It’s cool to actually SEE characters that are in your head on the paper.  I can’t say I’m that good at it but…..maybe you guys will like it.  Oh my gersh!!!  I HOPE you LIKE iT!!!!!!  YoU BeTTer!!!  Jk….not.

Ahfgmncf!!!!  Cute couple pictures!!!!  Will be the death of me…….(kayley/drama queen-it’s not gross!!!!  Its CUTE!!!!!)

A super creepy yet cool goth sort of person-who carrys around knives and has scars alover her face…..COOL!

An innocent little fairy.  This picture (that I took with a professional camera-defiantly not the crappy camera on my phone-hahaha…….) turned out really good.  The actual fairy…..okay????

A mushroom. 

A boy that’s being sold as a slave.  And also has very big feet.  Yeah, I draw dark things like that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed.  Do you like to draw???                                           -Livy


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