Why I love Saturdays 

Ahhhh.  Saturdays: that day where we lay in bed all day and do nothing-I mean…..there are lots of things to do on Saturdays.

Sometimes there’s nothing better then to cuddle up with an old book-or a new one, it doesn’t really matter.  I could read all day.  Literally.

Yeah….Harry Potter.

Listening to music is also a great time passer.  I love Pandora-it’s my favorite app.  Currently my favorite radios are 1 Girl Nation and Owl City.  And of course thumbprint radio.  I mean, it does a great job of combining my love for emo pop, grunge and ummmmm, regular pop.  

I’m creative, but also lazy. So on Saturdays I usually just go on my phone and read.  BUT, sometimes I make dessert or a craft or something like that…..SOMETIMES.

And lastly….there’s that evil thing called chores.  Like cleaning the hamster cage (which should have been done weeks ago-whoops)  

Dat reflection doe…..WHATEVER.

So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed the post!  And I’m ending this post because I love my hamster.                  Bye!!!!!!!


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